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Insignia of World War II
Leslie McDonnell

HB/DJ Over 1000 of the most important badges worn on uniforms in WW2

Price: 5.00

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F/A-18 Hornet - Modern Combat Aircraft 22
Bill Gunson

HB/DJ Part of the superb Modern Combat Aircraft series

Price: 6.00

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Navies of the West
Bernald Ireland

HB/DJ Details of ships in 16 of the worlds navies in the 1980s with concise details of each class

Price: 2.50

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Ground Attack Aircraft of World War II
Christopher Shores

HB/DJ A well-illustrated study tracing the evolution of Ground Attack aircraft

Price: 4.00


The Bazooka - Hand Held Hollow Charge Anti-tank Weapons (Sold)
Terry J. Gander

HB/DJ Classic Weapons Series, scarce

Price: 4.50

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Jet Fighter McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
Frank Vann

Hardback from the How Do They Work series

Price: 1.50

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Biting the Bullet - Married to the SAS
Jenny Simpson

HB/DJ A womans eye view of the SAS

Price: 2.00


Commando Despatch Rider From D-Day to Deutschland 1944-45 (Sold)
Raymond Mitchell

HB?DJ The author served as a Despatch Rider with 41 Royal Marines Commando

Price: 5.00

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Assault From The Sea 1939 - 1945

HB/DJ The Craft, The Landings, The Men

Price: 2.75

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Bloody Aachen
Charles Whiting

HB/DJ an account of the battle for Aachen

Price: 2.95

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Aircraft of World War II
Kenneth Munson

HB/DJ a handy one volume guide to the warplanes of 1939-45

Price: 3.50

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