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Science and the Spook
George Owen Victor Sims

HB/DJ Eight strange cases of haunting

Price: 3.00

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Haunted Houses
Joseph Braddock

HB/DJ Authors stories of hauntings around Britain 1950s

Price: 3.00

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The Devil and All His Works
Dennis Wheatley

HB/DJ Classic work on the Occult

Price: 5.00

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UFOs and how to see them
Jenny Randles

HB/DJ over 100 photographs, complete listing of UFO hotspots

Price: 2.50

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The Bermuda Triangle
Charles Berlitz

HB/DJ An incredible saga of unexplained disappearances

Price: 2.25


Weekend Book of Ghosts (Sold)
Richard Whittington-Egan

Soft cover Over 40 stranger than fiction stories

Price: 1.00

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