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The Great Game (Sold)
Harold Wyman

Hardback - The life and times of a Welsh Poacher

Price: 7.50

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Fly Tying
Raymond Sugg Ken Whitehead Alan Vare

HB/DJ explains how fly tying is presented to the fisherman stripped of its mystique

Price: 3.50

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Go Fishing For Trout
Graeme Pullen

HB/DJ General guide - part of the Go Fishing series

Price: 2.00

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Coarse Angling Waters
David Tipping

HB/DJ A series of coarse fishing experiences

Price: 2.50

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Trout and How To Catch Them
Kenneth Mansfield

HB/DJ A compilation

Price: 3.00


Anglers Mail Annual 1973 (Sold)

Hardback fishing annual

Price: 1.50


RODS - How To Catch Them Series (Sold)
J.B. Walker

HB/DJ very collectable series, published 1959 first edition

Price: 12.00


BREAM - How To Catch Them Series (Sold)
Peter Tombleson

HB/DJ very collectable series, published 1954, fifth printing 1968

Price: 2.50


PIKE - How To Catch Them Series (Sold)
A.L. Ward

HB/DJ collectable series of pocket books third printing 1956

Price: 2.50


Fishing The Norfolk Broads (Sold)
Peter Collins

Second edition 1970

Price: 1.00

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Sporting Clays

HB/DJ Clay Pigeon Shooting

Price: 3.95

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