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All book images on our website are of the actual books for sale; we do not display stock images.
Clicking on an image or link will display further information about the contents and condition of the book. If you decide that you would like to buy, you can reserve it and pay later.
Reserving a book will temporarily remove it from sale so that no one else can buy it, later you can pay via cheque or P.O. or with a Paypal invoice sent to you via the mail - you are not held under any obligation to buy when you reserve a book.
Books will be reserved for a period of 14 days pending payment.
Multiple purchases may take advantage of any postage discounts.
In all cases, you will be required to enter your Name, Address AND email address so that we can contact you to confirm that the chosen book is available and we are able to despatch the book to you.

We accept payments via UK personal Cheque or Postal Order, and online via Paypal.
We reserve the right to await cheque clearance.

If paying via Paypal - we will only send items to the confirmed Paypal address, If your shipping address is different from that provided by Paypal, you must explain why to our satisfaction.
Paypal allows payment using popular debit/credit cards or directly from your existing Paypal account you may have already set up.

Havebooks are based in the U.K. we can NOT accept Cheque (Check) or Money Order payments from sources outside of the U.K., payments must only be via Paypal, at the moment postage costs for books shipped to destinations outside the U.K. are not shown and are likely to cost substantially more than if posted inland, but please first reserve your book and await our invoice showing the correct amount - if you feel the cost is too much - don't worry - we will just un-reserve the book upon your instruction, if no instructions or payment is received after 14 days the reserve will be cancelled and book will be returned for sale.
We will only ship items to a confirmed Paypal address unless otherwise agreed.
Please note that shipping to destinations outside the U.K. will normally be via Royal Mail Airmail Small Packets - this is the cheapest and most reliable option.
Expensive books may have to be sent via tracked and insured mail at the buyers expense.
For large and heavy consignments surface mail may be considered, but this shipping method can take 6 to 10 weeks depending on destination.

We aim would be to dispatch the book next working day or sooner, however this may not always be possible, you will be notified of any abnormal delays in despatch.
Every effort will be made to ensure the book(s) arrive in the condition they left us.
Your book(s) will be safely and securely packaged, heavier books are normally packaged in 'Jiffy' PADDED bags - these are much stronger than the normal 'lite' bubble wrap envelopes and offer greater protection
We may package lightweight or low value books (e.g. paperbacks) in 'lite' envelopes or recycled packaging at our discretion.

If you have any difficulty with reserving or buying a book, or you have other questions...
Please contact us via email: havebooks.co.uk


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