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The 'How To Catch Them' Series

This prolific series of pocket books introduced in 1954 by publishers Herbert Jenkins, soon became very popular, each book introduced a particular species or technique and each was written by top angling experts of the time.

A total of 44 titles were published in this often referred to 'HTCT' series, with the last titles appearing in 1969, all were a very uniform appearance and size, which made them then and now a great series to collect, a useful reference source and looking fabulous in the bookcase.

The rarer titles and immaculate first editions are quite scarce and can change hands at considerable cost, however many of the common titles and reprints are within the reach of anyone and readily available from second-hand bookshops. Many of the popular titles were printed several times, a few titles were printed once only and thus may be harder to find.

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Below is a list of titles and first publication dates, those dates marked with an asterisk were never reprinted

Title Published
Roach 1954
Tench 1954
Bream 1954
Perch 1954
Roach 1954
Pike 1954
Chub 1954
Trout 1955
Barbel 1955
Carp 1955
Bass 1955
Salmon 1956
Sea Trout 1956
Artificial Flies and How To Tie Them 1956
Rudd 1957
Flatfish 1957
Grayling 1957*
Sea Fishing Baits 1957
Brook Trout 1958
Eels 1958
Dace 1958
Small Fry and Bait Fishe 1958*
Coarse Fishing Baits - Their Preparation and Use 1958
Rods and How to Make Them 1959
The Fixed Spool Reel - How to Use It
Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish - Theory and Practice 1959
Spoons, Spinners and Plugs - How to Make Them 1959
Rainbow Trout 1960*
Pollack and Coal Fish 1960*
Tope 1961*
Grey Mullet 1961*
River Fly Fishing 1961
Coarse Fishing - Theory and Practice 1962
Loch Fishing - Theory and Practice 1962
Mackerel 1963*
Resevoir and GravelPit Trout 1963*
Gravel Pit Coarse Fishing 1964
Match Fishing - Theory and Practice 1964*
Trout Flies - Natural and Artificial 1965*
Sea Angling for Beginners - Theory and Practice 1965
Sea Fishing Tackle - How To Choose It 1965*
Elements of Nympth Fishing 1966*
Fishing in Ponds - Theory and Practice 1966*
Cod 1969*
Specimen Fish 1969*
Gilthead Sea-bream** 1959/2009**

* No later printing produced.

** La Dorada (Gilthead Sea-bream) was first published in Spain in 1959 as part of the Spanish 'How To Catch Them' Series.
The text was later translated by John Langridge and recently published by Medlar in 2009 using the same style as the Jenkins series5

To determine if you have a first edition first printing from this series, inspect the rear of the title page, if only a single date exists then it is a first printing - all reprints will have the reprinted date added to the initial published date, all are technically first editions as there were no major revisions or later editions, however it is the first edition, first printings that are reveared by collectors.

All books from the series were issued in paper dust wrappers, books without these wrappers or wrappers in poor condition have unnfortunately very little value to collectors.

Please note: that reproduction dust wrappers have recently been available for these books, however nice they appear they are no substitute for the original no matter how worn it may be.
Whatever the intention is for producing these 'fake' wrappers, buyers should be aware of any books presented in this way and not paying a premium for them (see previous paragraph).

We may have a few titles from the HTCT series in our bookshop, but they are really not easy to find in decent and affordable condition anymore.

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