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The Observers Pocket Books

The first titles 'The Observers Book of British Birds' and 'British Wild Flowers' were published by Frederick Warne in 1938, subsequently over 97 different titles appeared in this very collectable series.
Nature subjects were covered at first but eventually many diverse and quite unusual titles were published like 'The Observers book of Folk Song in Britain'.
After 1983, other but less regarded titles and reprints were published by Penguin and it's subsiduaries, the series finally came to an end in 1992.

This link is to our own indepth resource which has full information on all of the titles in this series.

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The Bradford Barton 'squares' series of railway books

A large pictorial library of railway related titles from the '70s by Bradford Barton publishers, of Truro, Cornwall.
These square format books were all uniform in size and style and form a large reference for the enthusiast.
Other transport related titles were also produced in the same format plus a few unrelated topics.
The series is very affordable and collectable.

This link is to our own resource which has the known titles in this series plus example dust wrapper illustrations and the year first published.

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The How To Catch Them series of fishing pocket books

Fourty four titles were produced in this pocket book fishing series often referred to by collectors as the HTCT series.
Publishers, Herbert Jenkins produced a great little fishing reference during the 1950s and 1960s, and now collected for their attractive appearance and still useful content.

This link is to our own resource which has a list of titles produced by Herbert Jenkins, plus a few examples of dust wrapper illustrations and the year first published.

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External Links

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Dennis Wheatley, 1897 - 1977

Although best remembered for his occult series of books, the author has written many others, including espionage, crime and thrillers.

This external site is a geat reference source which chronicles and describes all his works, details first editions, titles and variants and lots of other interesting facts.

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The Ian Allan ABC Books

The ABC 'train spotter' books published by Ian Allan from the 1940's onwards eventually covered many types of transportation, and have become very collectable.
The series of ABC books has carried on into modern times, but this range is now limited to aircraft and railway subjects.

This link is to an external site with illustrations of the front covers of virtually all editions

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